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Kitchen Consulting and Curation


As an independent kitchen consultant, KITCHD works with busy people to research, curate, and source products for their kitchens. 

Let our passion for great experiences with cooking and food help bring your kitchen to life, and set you on a culinary path designed just for you.

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Ideal Clients

We work with individuals looking to up their culinary game who are too busy to research, review, and compare products. They may be unsure where to begin, looking for more clarity around a specific kitchen challenge, or want a second opinion.


When you’re looking for some direction, clarity, options, or advice about your kitchen, planning a remodel or new build, or have a specific challenge, schedule a complimentary 30-minute preliminary call to see how we can work together.



Cookware + Ovenware

Kitchen Accessories + Small Electrics

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Our Philosophy

Cooking and sharing a meal is a universal, human connection that bridges every culture around the world. It is how we find a common language without uttering a word. And the kitchen is where we commune, celebrate, break bread, and create lasting memories. But lives are busier than ever, and outfitting a kitchen with the best gear can be an expensive, time-consuming effort.

That is where KITCHD shines. Like a culinary BFF, we get to know your style and wants from wherever you are in your cooking journey to where you’d like to be. We’ve already done the heavy-lifting research and curating, identifying the strengths and potential drawbacks of particular products so that we have a trusted catalog to draw from depending on any combination of needs.

Over time, our relationship with you can continue to grow, enrich, and deepen along with your ever-evolving needs, helping when you need it and making sure you rock it in the kitchen.


We’ve all been there, finding ourselves with cabinets, drawers, boxes, and shelves packed with products we thought we’d use that end up gathering dust or banished to storage.

With a little planning, your whole approach to being in the kitchen can be a reflection of you and how you like to work. With mindful, thoughtful selections, the products you bring into your life can become an integral part of your home.

It’s not about acquiring more stuff, it’s about making smart purchases.

 “I am renovating my kitchen and would like to trade up from my everyday pots and pans. But I don’t have time and have no idea where to begin.”

Before embarking on a costly kitchen renovation, wouldn’t it be nice to know what and where you’d like your kitchenware to live? Today, there are so many options for cabinets, drawers, and storage, why not choose what works well for your kitchen at the start of a project.
Already renovated your kitchen? No sweat, we can help at whatever stage of your project or life you happen to be.

“I didn’t know what I needed when I filled out my bridal registry. Now I have all of this stuff I never use that takes up space and keeps me from purchasing what I truly want.”

No worries. When you’re just starting out, you may not know how to set up a kitchen in your home. We’ve been there, too! Together, we’ll look at what you have, and assess what you really need to compliment your lifestyle. Having a well-thought-out plan supports where you are now and grows with you as your life evolves.






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