Transform the heart of your home into the kitchen of your dreams

 KITCHD collaborates with home cooks, helping them think through their cooking space to make their dream kitchen—one that’s beautiful, functional, and fun—a reality.

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Do you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest and Houzz, and thumbing through magazines like Dwell and Architectural Digest, pining for a beautiful kitchen, knowing that yours doesn’t have that “it” factor?

Are you so used to your kitchen that you can’t even imagine how it could work better?

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Would you feel confident staying on budget with a kitchen remodel if you had the information and insights to make good decisions?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

At KITCHD, we help home cooks find creative solutions that improve a kitchen’s functionality and create a space with beautiful products, appliances, and materials they’ll use and enjoy. A kitchen that flows well reduces stress, feels comfortable, and improves the lives of those who love to cook and entertain. A kitchen that feels great supports your health and promotes joy when caring for and entertaining your family and friends. 

Are you ready to transform the heart of your home into the kitchen of your dreams?

Ways KITCHD can help:

Our Offerings:

  • Narrow down options based on your unique criteria and priorities
  • Make sure your choices support your values and lifestyle
  • Save money and time by thinking through big decisions beyond aesthetics
  • Reduce analysis paralysis
  • Determine features you need and will use
  • Set realistic expectations
  • The Kitchen Audit — For those frustrated with their current kitchen, looking to assess their needs and improve functionality without expensive updating, layout changes, or committing to a costly remodel. Especially valuable for DIY or small contractor projects.
  • The Kitchen Optimizer — For those contemplating a new kitchen—either a new build or a larger-scale remodel that includes a change in the layout or expansion of the current kitchen footprint. Especially helpful for anyone currently working on a renovation or remodel with a designer, architect, or builder looking for more clarity with the plans or hindered by indecision.

“It was a revelation to realize how much the tools I use play a role in my success and enjoyment in cooking. Even more so when the appliances, cookware, cutlery, and even countertops are recommended just for me. Working with KITCHD helped me take my culinary skills to the next level.” 

– Amy K, Richmond, VT

“KITCHD gave us the knowledge and confidence to dramatically change how food and wine are part of our fabric, from everyday cooking to special occasions. Our home is full of KITCHD-recommended appliances, cookware, glassware, and barware that provide joy every time we use them.”

— Tom and Deb M, Danvers, MA

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