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I’m Laura Ciampa, founder, and owner of Kitchd. I spent my formative years in the kitchens of my mother, aunt, grandmothers, and friends—all passionate cooks with deep instincts. Though my professional path took me into research and marketing in the Boston startup world, my passion for cooking, eating and sharing meals never waned. 

Over many years, I continually sought out opportunities to moonlight in food retail by working on a farm and selling boutique wine, cheese, and chocolates. Those jobs provided side income solely earmarked for buying kitchenware, taking food and beverage classes, and acquiring many cookbooks (now numbering close to 1,500 and counting). At the same time, my husband Rob—who spent years in a restaurant kitchen and I have been fortunate to travel the world always with a culinary and kitchenware mission in mind.

Having focused my home and family life around cooking, customs, and kitchenware, I saw an opportunity to help others experience their own excitement in the most important room in the house: the kitchen.

“Many of our fondest memories, no matter where we’re from, originate in the kitchen.”

Tapping my research background, I’ve spent two years building one of the world’s largest kitchenware databases, knowing that I could give any cook, whatever their skill level, the right tools to not only make wonderful food but also create lasting memories with family and friends.

With an eye for both classic culinary styles and emerging trends, I have met with vendors around the world, finding undiscovered treasures in the markets of Lyon, the neighborhoods of New York, and most recently the Kappabashi district of Tokyo. My resources include chefs, kitchenware vendors, food writers, caterers, mixologists, and people who love food, cooking and entertaining.

But truly where I feel the strongest connection is working with clients. And there is no greater reward than to hear:

“You helped me fall in love with my kitchen.”

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help guide you on your culinary journey.