"It's not about acquiring more items for your kitchen. It's about making smart choices so you surround yourself with things you love using."

About Laura Ciampa

I spent my formative years in the kitchens of my mother, aunt, grandmothers, and friends—all passionate cooks with deep instincts. Though my professional path took me into research and marketing in the Boston startup world, my passion for cooking, eating, and sharing meals never waned. 

I’m a lifelong student, always seeking out different ways of doing things and approaching challenges from multiple angles. I study kitchen design and appliance use, test products, and follow trends because I genuinely enjoy it. Even more, I love to share my learnings with others, enabling them to experience the joy of having a kitchen designed and customized to their unique specifications. For my clients, the difference is like buying off-the-rack versus having something tailor-made.

I know firsthand the ways in which a particular appliance, pan, or a serving piece can contribute to pleasure in both preparation and eating. And I’m not alone. Surrounding yourself with appliances, tools and accessories that elicit contentment is a fabulous experience. 

This is not about acquiring more stuff; it’s about loving the stuff you have. When we love something, we seek out every opportunity to use it. I have a favorite French ceramic gratin dish gifted to me by my aunt and uncle that I adore using so much that I go out of my way to find recipes for it.

That’s Why I Started KITCHD

It’s challenging and time-consuming to search for the best items to support your life and style. And there’s no shortage of great brands and products worth considering outside of the usual suspects. I’ve worked with, interviewed, and listened to many people speak about their kitchens. There are things they love, as well as aspects that frustrate them. My role is to guide you and remove obstacles to having a great kitchen that you LOVE cooking in.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me reading cookbooks and kitchen design books, watching travel and food shows, imbibing in wine, spirits and cocktails, and cooking with my husband. And like many of you, I can’t wait to resume entertaining and cooking with my family and friends when we are past these challenging times.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help guide and support you with your kitchen explorations, and further you along your culinary journey.