We Work with Homeowners & Their Professionals

KITCHD is a kitchen strategy company that works closely with homeowners to help them fully understand and more effectively revamp, remodel, or build great kitchens that align with their cooking and entertaining needs and aspirations. We not only guide our clients, but we also help them work more effectively with their architects, designers, and suppliers. We assist homeowners through idea generation, selection, implementation, and use, ensuring the best kitchen for them.

Our Kitchen Strategy Has a Cooking Bias

We help homeowners prioritize, streamline, and navigate the overwhelming array of products, appliances, and materials while encouraging them to pay close attention to layout, flow, and ergonomics. Our goal is to elevate the home kitchen experience, so people have more fun cooking, entertaining, and making delicious memories with family and friends.

Answering the Big Questions Before the Kitchen Fix

KITCHD was founded by Laura Ciampa, a marketing and research professional with a culinary background in food and wine. An accomplished cook who has entertained in kitchens across the U.S. and Europe, she learned firsthand how even well-designed and architected kitchens could be out of sync with the people who use them. Leveraging her decades of research experience, she aimed to answer these essential questions:

  • How can homeowners effectively address challenges with their existing kitchens?
  • What should people be doing to optimize their approach to either kitchen remodeling or new kitchen build-outs?
  • How can homeowners achieve great results with their designers, architects, and builders?
  • What are the key steps to turn a good kitchen into a great one?

KITCHD Started in the Kitchen

Laura spent her formative years in the kitchens of her mother, aunt, grandmothers, and friends—all passionate cooks with deep instincts. She married into a family with restaurant experience and has twice been a featured guest on Tasty, the world’s largest food video network. For more than ten years, she has studied kitchen design, dismantled and installed appliances, tested kitchen products, and researched worldwide trends in home cooking.

Picture of Laura Ciampa testing wine glasses in Puligny-Montrachet, Burgundy, France
Picture of grandmothers cooking in 1950s kitchen
Picture of homemade tagliatelle on Imperia R220 pasta machine

"Searching for the best items to support your life and style is challenging and time-consuming. And there’s no shortage of great brands and products worth considering outside the usual suspects. I’ve worked with, interviewed, and listened to many people speak about their kitchens. There are things they love, as well as aspects that frustrate them. The mission of KITCHD is to guide you and remove obstacles to having a fabulous kitchen, a kitchen where delicious food and wonderful memories are made."