Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Business is KITCHD?

KITCHD is an independent kitchen consultancy that works tirelessly for you, the homeowner. We look at each kitchen through the cook’s eyes to assess, research, curate, and source the best products for your kitchen.

Our holistic approach ensures all functional elements– appliances (large and small), countertops, sinks, storage, lighting, flow, cookware, and more work together with the design to achieve the desired result, a kitchen to swoon over that you love to cook in.

Our experience and insights are a complement to anyone, whether you’re a homeowner, DIYer or design pro looking to create a dream kitchen.

How do You Assist Clients?
  • Help you decide what to keep and what to replace
  • Guide you through the confusing and oftentimes overwhelming process of choosing appliances, materials, and items to support your unique life and cooking style. 
  • Get to know you and your priorities for your new kitchen and share options for things you may not have even considered. 
  • The goal is to make sure your finished kitchen isn’t just beautiful, but that it gives you the function and culinary experience you want.
  • From countertops to appliances, tableware to cookware and everything in between from anywhere whether locally sourced, through a favorite retailer, or across the globe. We can point you in the right direction, do the research you don’t have time to do, and even purchase for you. 
  • It’s not about acquiring more stuff, it’s about making sure you have only what you need and enjoy so you can take pleasure using these products in your new kitchen for years to come.  
  • Make your kitchen better without hiring a contractor for regular people
What Value Does KITCHD Provide?

We save you time and money.(need to be careful not to sound negative about kitchen designers work)

Embarking on any kitchen renovation or construction project is a costly proposition, whether you work with a design professional or DIY. You want to make sure that your experience exceeds what you envision.

Enlisting KITCHD into the equation saves you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and minimizing pitfalls before they occur.

Why Would I Need Your Services?

We work with you to help reduce some of the anxiety. You don’t need to go it alone. We help you think through some of the decisions that slow you down and stress you out before, during, and after a project. 

We know you’re busy, and searching for products over the internet, visiting showrooms or the mall is time-consuming and daunting with so many choices. We offload you so you can spend your valuable time doing other things that are important to you. 

We work with you to source products based on what you want and need that will work harmoniously with your new style, values and provide seamless functionality to make your life easier and more pleasant.

Why Would I Use KITCHD Instead of a Retailer?

We are independent. We work for our clients and not a retailer so we are not limited to the availability of a specific retailer or shop. We purchase beautiful things from anywhere whether local or across the globe. Additionally, we have relationships with many retailers, manufacturers, makers, and small local shops.

Who Do You Work With?

Our ideal clients are homeowners looking to improve their culinary game. They might be:

  • Busy and do not have time to research, review and compare products
  • Overwhelmed by too many choices and reviews
  • Unsure of where to begin, what to do, or where to look for help
  • Looking for more clarity around a particular challenge
  • Enlist another set of eyes or a second opinion
  • Want to upgrade their kitchen experience without embarking on a remodel
Is KITCHD a Kitchen Design or Interior Decorating Business?

We are not kitchen designers, interior decorators or architects. We are a complimentary service to those specialized creative areas. We support the design by assisting the client with selecting materials and products so they will make decisions based on how they will use the kitchen that will enhance and support the end result. The outcome is amplified when everything in the kitchen is selected based on the client’s lifestyle, cooking needs. We take customization to the next level so the kitchen design functions.

Do You do Organizing or Staging?

We assist clients with “light” organizing projects by searching for products to support the function and aesthetic of a kitchen. For larger, more involved organizational projects, we work with organizing pros.

We’re happy to assist kitchen stagers with product searches, but we are not stagers.

When Would I Need Your Services?
  • Life changes- downsizing or rightsizing, death, divorce, empty-nesting, relocation, newlyweds, health challenge
  • Planning to age in place
  • Pre-remodel planning
  • Post-remodel or with “new” (existing) kitchens
  • During various stages of remodel, renovation, new build
  • New home, condo, apartment kitchens
  • 2nd home and vacation rental kitchens
  • Bored with your kitchen and looking to give it a sprucing up
  • Make your kitchen better without hiring a contractor for regular people
  • Multi-generational living situations

Let's Find You Together the Place You Deserve

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