Fall In Love With Your Kitchen

a beautiful farmhouse kitchen in a fully restored and rebuilt farm. Old, weathered oak beams support the roof and ceiling. Brand new terracotta flooring compliments the pastel toned powder blue cupboards and large kitchen island. This is a modern featured kitchen with all the appliances but constructed in a traditional style and being faithful to the 500 year old building.

Kitchen Consulting & Curation

KITCHD works with busy people to research, curate, and source products for their kitchens. Let our passion for great experiences with cooking and food help bring your kitchen to life, and set you on a culinary path designed just for you.

Picture yourself cooking in a beautiful kitchen. One designed in a style that makes you feel content, comfortable, at home. Now imagine how much more pleasurable the experience of preparing and sharing a meal with your family and friends would be using tools, appliances and products personally selected to match your unique culinary tastes and interests. 

KITCHD works with homeowners to discover and select the best products to help them create kitchen nirvana. Our holistic approach pairs seamless integration of personalized products with your beautiful aesthetics to amplify (elevate) your cooking experience beyond what you thought was possible.

Cooking and entertaining are effortless and relaxed when everything works harmoniously. We approach every kitchen project through the eyes and vantage point of the user, you. It’s not about what we want, it’s about what you want and how things should function in your kitchen.

We can help make your kitchen better without needing costly and time consuming remodel.

Your time is valuable. Let KITCHD handle the details and minutia around product selection so you can have a great functioning kitchen you’ll love cooking in right away. 

Decisions made without a well thought out plan can lead to costly mistakes and frustration later. We help minimize the “remodel hangover” when the desired outcome does not match the original intention. 

Never before have we been presented with so many options and places for purchasing products. Having too many choices and vetting what’s best for you is often an overwhelming and daunting endeavor. 

KITCHD takes the stress and confusion out of the selection process by presenting you with choices based on your requirements, ensuring that you get the best products for your capabilities and needs. 

We work with you as a culinary BFF to help you understand how to get the most out of your products so they will look great and last for many years to come. Greater understanding yields better outcomes and helps expand your culinary skills. You’ll have more fun entertaining, preparing, and creating beautiful memories.

Sometimes you don’t know where to begin, need advice or perhaps another set of eyes on something. A knowledgeable unbiased, 3rd party may be all you need to get you to the other side of a challenging kitchen project. We can offer suggestions and help you narrow down choices when you feel stuck.

“It was a revelation to realize how much the tools I use play a role in my success and enjoyment in cooking. Even more so when the appliances, cookware, cutlery and even countertops are recommended just for me. Working with KITCHD helped me take my culinary skills to the next level.” 

– Amy K, Richmond, VT

What We Do

KITCHD works with individuals looking to up their culinary game who are too busy to research and compare products. Determining the best options can often be a confusing and daunting process. Whether you’re searching for kitchenware, appliances, countertops, or more, we do the work for you, taking the stress and confusion out of the selection process, ensuring you get the best products. It’s your kitchen. We listen to you. It’s about what you want according to your taste, need, and lifestyle. And don’t be surprised if we provide you with a few alternatives that you hadn’t even considered.

We love to problem solve and are always on the lookout for better ways of doing things. KITCHD approaches each kitchen from its user’s eyes, so every project is unique. We’re independent which means we work for you as your partner. We’re not limited to a particular brand, retailer, or geographic locale. We want you to be confident in your choices while cooking in a kitchen filled with things you love and enjoy. So you have the best kitchen experience for many years to come.

Discovery Call

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Single Kitchen Challenge
1 + Project

We work with you to solve one kitchen issue at a time. This is a short commitment, great for small projects. When you’re looking for some direction, clarity, options, or advice about your kitchen, planning a remodel or new build, or have a specific challenge we do the work for you to help you move a project along.

Customized for those with numerous kitchen challenges and more involved projects. There’s so many important decisions to make and you want to get it right. We can help.


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