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Why the Kitchen Is the Most Important Room in a House

Kitchens are as much social as they are culinary

I consider kitchens and how people work in them inspirational and educational. Cooking in a truly functional kitchen elevates and encourages the culinary experience. Cooking in a less-than-stellar kitchen diminishes the experience and discourages opening that new cookbook. Call it kitchen psychology 101. No other room has as much potential to affect how we feel.

I’ve been fortunate to cook in some fantastic kitchens and my fair share of lousy ones. From my perspective and those of my professional chef friends, you can make great food regardless of the kitchen, but it’s a lot more fun when everything in a kitchen works together seamlessly.

We also must remember that a kitchen is a gathering place, which includes eating, drinking, talking, and much more. Think about your own memories of parties, holidays, or small gatherings with friends or family. You can have the biggest house in the world, but when that potato and leek soup is cooking on the stove, everyone is sure to be in the kitchen. And that can be a blessing or a curse.

This is why looking at your kitchen through both the cooking and socializing lenses is essential. Are they out of focus? If so, then it’s time for a revamp, whether a minor remodel or a total replacement. Remember, the reason the kitchen is the most important part of the home is that you’re creating much more than food; you’re creating a lifetime of experiences. Make that your number one priority, and you’ll transform the most important room in the house into your favorite room in the house.

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